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The Breeder and Founder of BTWW kennel

White Swiss Shepherd Dog

Shepherd Dog is The Best Friend for Life

Monika Laneman

Monika is a hobby breeder and amateur dog sport enthusiast, even though professionally entrepreneur in software business, time after work hours is spent on her beloved ones, shepherd dogs.

Living now in Riviera and moving in three countries region, Monaco, French Riviera and Italian Riviera, Monika is originally from Estonia and used to be the soul and the heart of the White Swiss Shepherd Community in Estonia whose leadership made remarkable impact to the White Swiss Shepherd existence and success in Estonia. Monika is not only the founder and breeder of FCI registered Born to Win Warrior earlier Born to Win White kennel but also founder and long time President of the Estonian White Shepherd Association.

Starting from German Shepherd Dogs of a show line, then adding White Swiss Shepherds into the pack, obtaining a working line German Shepherd from Czech Republic and finally a KNPV line Malinois from the Netherlands, Monika nowdays breeds only Belgian Shepherd Malinois and White Swiss Shepherd Dogs.

Monika believes that every dog should be trained, so even though, being years a very successful dog show enthusiast with the numerous Best in Group and Best in Show placings with highest achievement of Best of Group 1 place, Best of Baby 1 place, Best of Juniors 2 place etc., Monika has switched mostly on dog sport and dogs performance in training field and in real life.

The goal of the breeding is healthy animals with capability to perform in training fields as well as in real life, both White Swiss Shepherds and Belgian Shepherd Malinois. Clear head, high drives, excellent ability to learn, will to work for owner, courage and strength of mind according to the breed. Genetics is what makes dogs good in tracking and protection, obedience is the bond between owner and the dog plus will and ability to understand each other.

The quality of BTWW dogs has become well known all over the World and the offspring out of this kennel are successful around all over the World.

Finally, as Monika likes to repeat: With the hope that man may learn love through the eyes of his dog…

Who We Are 2

  • More then 15 years dog breeding experience

  • Achieved Estonian Best Sport Dogs Placement 2014, 2012, 2011, 2010

  • Licensed obedience and tracking trainer by Estonian Kennel Club (FCI)

  • Participated 47 times in trials with 11 different dogs (21 trials and 22 competitions)

  • 20 times on podium placement in competitions (8*1 place, 11*2 place, 1*3 place)

  • FCI IPO-FH World Championship 2015 participant (27 grass/94 soil)

  • Achieved numerous Best in Show and Best of Group placements with her dogs

  • Bred numerous Multi Champion titles achieved dogs

  • Bred numerous Winner titles achieved dogs

1st White Shepherd in History
in FCI World Championships in Working Dog Routines

The Breeder of Born to Win White Shepherds

Who We Are 3

Heli Laneman

Heli Laneman is the daughter of Monika Laneman who is the Breeder and founder of BTWW kennel. Heli continues BTWW breeding under Born to Win White kennel name in Estonia and is member of Estonian White Shepherd Association.

Heli has lived with dogs for as long as she remembers. She got her first very own dog at age 12 who was a White Shepherd import from Czech Republic named Arizona W. Bohemia Mandiga. Together they combined the most perfect team for dog shows and were winning almost every dog dog show they ever entered. And got podium placements in almost every Best in Group and Best in Show ring they ever entered!

Heli’s next dog was grandson of Arizona, Born to Win White Spartacus with whom they also participated successfully in dog shows achieving several Junior Champion titles and Winner titles.

Being a daughter to Monika has given her access to specific knowledge and several generations carefully planned breeding dogs so it was the only logical step to continue the mothers work at some point.

Like Heli says: White Shepherd is the best friend and companion a man can wish for!


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