12 Year Birthday of White Shepherd BTWW General in Riviera

Our Great Great Great… Great Grandfather Born to Win White General turned 12 years old today!

Happy 12th birthday My Small Great Born to Win White General! We have together gone through fire, water and copper pipes and eaten tons of salt together. You are still the Dog of my Life! Many more Years!

This is how we celebrated his birthday

BTWW General is 12 years old and still playing.

He has jumped since puppyhood everywhere, every time and all heights. Dog people were warning me he is going to have problems with paws and legs. I told them he is going to be fine.

Here he is, 12 years old and still jumping. His paws and legs are in best condition in his body, his eyesight has become worse instead. I wonder if I should have made also some exercise for his eyes. Like playing computer games or something…