Arizona W. Bohemia Mandiga 1

Arizona W. Bohemia Mandiga KK1
Gender: Female
Breed: White Swiss Shepherd
Health: HD-A ED-0
Teeth: Full dentition
Born:20.06.2004 CZ – Deceased 04.04.2015
Size: 58 cm
Show Results: EST W06, BALT JW05, ESTW05, ESTJW05; EST CH, EST & LT & LV & BALT & RUS J CH; 3*BOG 2, BIS Junior 2, BIS Puppy 4, BIS Baby 1, 1*CACIB, 1*R CACIB, 1* EST CAC, 1*LT CAC, 5*EST J CAC, 1*RUS J CAC, 2*LT J N, 1*LV J CAC, 8*BOB, 2*BOS, 10*BOB J, 1* BOS J, 2*BOB Puppy, 2*BOB Baby
Working Results: KK1
Dam: CZ J CH, CZ & SL CH Cassia Maya Elbigi N Reg/ACO/834/01/04 HD-1/0
Sir: CZ CH Canadian Dream Miraja N Reg ACO/438/97/00 HD-0/0
2 years old on the picture

Arizona has been the most winning dog in our family. She has had more „best in shows” results then all our other dogs together:) Arizona started her show career very early and with great results from the very first show she attended:). The first victory was from baby class when she was only 4 months old becoming the most beautyful baby of the show. From this show she gained BOB Baby and Best In Show Baby 1! For Best Of Breed Baby she had to compete with almost 6 months old White Shepherds herself being barely 4 months old:). The second biggest victory was from the Estonian International Dog Show in Tallinn where she got Best In Show Puppy 4! And we are also very proud that Arizona was handled to the victory by my youngest daughter Heli! According to agreement (actually Heli demanded:)) between Heli and me Arizona is Heli’s dog and I am just a co-owner. I was very disappointed when Heli announced me that she is going to show her dog by herself. But actually it is very good to see that my hobby will be carried on by my youngest daughter:). Arizonas next major victory was when again handled by Heli Best Of Breed Junior, Best Of Breed, and Best Of Group 2. Next great victory was from Lithuania Best In Show Junior 2 place. Additionally Arizona and Heli got from Latvian International dog show result Best Of Group 2, Best Of Breed, Best Of Breed Junior and LV J CAC which made her  LV J CH and together with all her previous titles BALT J CH. One of her greatest victories was in Estonian Winner 2005 show competing with dogs from Finland, Estonia and Latvia from where she got titles Estonian Winner 2005 and Estonian Junior Winner 2005 with result Best Of Breed, Best Of Breed Junior and EST J CAC. The judge was James Frederiksen from USA. Since this CAC was the last one needed Arizona was after this show officially Estonian, Lithuanian and Russian Junior Champion:) At this point I thought it is as good as it gets but I was mistaken. Arizona showed us that she can do even more. At Baltic Winner 2005 dog show in Lithuania got Arizona Best Of Breed, Best Of Breed Junior and Baltic Junior Winner 2005 title. Since we went to the show being not very hopeful (dogs were changing the coat and were not the most beautiful ones at the moment:)) the victory in this competition was even more meaningful and greater for us:) For achieving the BALT JW05 title Arizona beated dogs from Germany, Lithuania, Latvia and CZ. For achieving BOB she even beated several years old champion class female Arizona herself being only 13 months old! And the handler was as usually our little Heli:) Additionally to all earlier written victories, Arizona showed again what she is capable of and won just 4 months after giving birth of her first litter the Estonian Winner 2006 title. She also got EST CAC which makes Arizona now also EST CH! With this we can say that history repeates itself. Arizona got her EST J CH title after gaining her last J CAC in Estonian Winner 2005 dog show and her EST V CH title after gaining her needed EST CAC in Estonian Winner 2006 dog show.  For today, Arizona has 2 countries Champion title, 4 countries Junior Champion title and has got 4 winner titles and we are extremely proud of her. Thank you Monika Drekslerova for such a beautiful dog as Arizona is!

From the working side we do with Arizona obedience, protection and Agility training. She has got very good instincts, very good energy level and also strong will to work. She is absolutely amazing in Agility side flying like a rocket trough a tube and doing everything with extreme fastness and I just hope Heli has enough time and wish to start competing in Agility with Arizona since she certainley does have the makings of being a great Agility dog.

Arizona is medium soft charactered dog that still can manage with high stress level which makes her ideal to be Helis first dog to train:) Arizona is small from her body but huge from her heart! Our little brave White Shepherd.

Best Partner in Life – Intelligent, Loyal, Versatile and Noble