Black German Shepherd Dog Wifi Aritar Bastet IPO1 BH AD 1

Wifi Aritar Bastet IPO1 BH AD
Gender: Female
Breed: German Shepherd
Health: HD-A ED-0
Teeth: Full dentition
Pedigree: EST-02146/13
Born: 04.02.2013 Czech Republic
Show Result: SG
Breeding Control: EST- I
Working Results: IPO1 BH AD
Dam: Coletta Aritar Bastet SchH/VPG 3, ZVV1, FPr1 HD-A ED-0
Sir: Alli vom Dunklen Zwinger IPO3 FH1 HD-A ED-0
16 months old on the picture 🙂

Black German Shepherd Dog Wifi Aritar Bastet

Wifi is a working line black German Shepherd Dog from Czech Republic

15.02.15 Wifi passed Breeding Control with result EST I – outs the sleeve and excellent.

07.04.13 We have a new pack member coming from Czech Republic. This time a bit different color. 🙂

As we need more capability to function from dogs in trainings then whites are capable we have decided to take again an original German Shepherd. Over here it’s more demanding in trainings for the dog material then in some old European countries. And it’s been already four years when our german shepherd Admirable has been dead and now it was time to have a new one.

We were looking for long time a suitable puppy for us but every time when we found something interesting again something was wrong or missing.

Suddenly we got an offer from a very good Czech breeder that he has a selection puppy for us and as we really liked the earlier offspring from the same mother we decided to take the puppy. 🙂

Wifi Aritar Bastet is from original CZ working lines mixed with top German Shepherd Dogs from Germany and with very strong mother line. Wifi comes from the kennel Aritar Bastet which specializes in breeding and training of working type, strong and healthy German Shepherds that are able to be used in the Police–K9, also for SchH sport and as a friend of family.

Best Partner in Life – Intelligent, Loyal, Versatile and Noble