Born to Win Warrior Hooligan passed in Finland character test with results LTE+205. Judges: Jorma Kerkka & Leena Berg! These judges with this result means that this dog is a very good white shepherd and could be compared with a good charactered German Shepherds! We are very satisfied! 

Thank You Riina Laaksonen for taking good care of this boy! I think he is a real asset in White Shepherd breed where the biggest problem is soft and afraid charactered dogs. I should mention that the first result was +53 points from different type of judges which would mean that this dog would not be suitable for breeding! Well, when I looked at the videos I had totally different opinion. So did the different pair of judges this time. Because of that, I would really like to point out that you should not value the dog based on Character tests or training results! Believe only your own eyes. I have seen dogs with IPO results and also 200+ Character Test results that are not good dogs. And I have seen dogs who sleep on someones couch and are never seen anywhere but are very good dogs!

Happy Weekend to Everyone!