Born To Win White Angel 1

Born To Win White Angel KK1
Gender: Male
Breed: White Swiss Shepherd
Health: HD-B ED-1 MDR1+/+
Teeth: Full dentition
Pedigree: EST-03087/05
Born:06.09.2005 Estonia
Size: 65 cm
Show Results: EST JW06, EST & LT & LV & BALT CH, EST J CH; White Swiss Shepherds Specialty Show Open Class 1 place, Unofficial Specialty Show Best Junior, 3*BOB, 2*BOS, 2*BOB J, 3*BOS J, 3*BOB Puppy, 1*EST CAC, 1*LV CAC, 1*LT CAC, 3*EST J CAC, 4*Promotion Prize
Working Results: KK1
Dam: EST V CH, EST J CH Elvira Taien EST-00049/E05 ZREG/ACO/1301/03 HD-B ED-0
2 years old on the picture

Angel has finally grown up to be a magnificent young White Swiss Shepherd male. Angel is from our very first litter out of Elvira and Polo. Angels father is living in US Michigan and is from American breeding and mother is from CZ and European breeding. Angel lives with his family in Tartu and has started his show career very successfully. Angel does not go to lots of shows since her owner has got a little baby but even though Angel is already Estonian Junior Winner 2006, Baltics Champion and Estonian Junior Champion. Angel’s biggest victory was 11.02.07 from Estonian dog show where he won all the classes he participated. He gained 1 place in Males Junior Class, Best Of Breed Junior, Best Male 1 and last and most important also the Best Of Breed result! In best of Breed Competition he won our, so far the greatest star around, Achiever! Which makes us to predict that Angel might have a great show career. After all he beated the European Junior Winner 2006 Achiever who is also daughter of World Winner 2002 and Netherlands Winner 2002 Tinka’s Frenja. So, Long Live the King! I mean the Angel:)) Angel is an excellent White Shepherd with excellent medium strong stabil and open character, a bit dominant. He has excellent pigmentation and both, he and his sister Angela have even large black spot on their tongue. Angel has very good drives and working ability, and he is just handsome. He is one of the most handsome white shepherds I have seen with my own eyes:) He is not only beautiful but he has got the shine in him, nice strong bones but still not big, very handsome head and very rich coat. He was x-rayed twice both times with result HD-B and ED-1. However, both his sisters from the same litter, Aphrodite and Angela, were HD-A and ED-0. Also, Baldwin, Angels brother from fathers side out of Arizonas litter is HD-A and ED-0. Angels first mating will take place in the end of this year in Finland and next one will be with our own Achiever. After Angels first matings we can say what he really gives but the feeling right now is quite comfortable with him. The litter Angel is out of was very clean. No puppies had any problems, both males had both testicles on the right place, all of them had full teeth and correct bite, not any declaws in litter, excellent ear set and tail carriage, and all the puppies out of this litter have excellent pigmentation, nice dark eyes and shining bright white coat. It’s not something you see very often in todays breeding. Angels father Royal von Tasz Classic was one of the best breeding males in US. He was extremely successful at dog shows since the end of his days. You can read about Polos success under this link. Polo was also one of the few white shepherds that have been on the “Bloodlines” cover! Angels brothers and sisters from fathers side have been extremely successful in working and show ring. You can read about some of them at Angels Relatives page. We are very lucky to have Angel around since according to new FCI rules it is not allowed in the future to use anymore in White Swiss Shepherd breedings AKC registered White German Shepherds. So Angel is our hope for the future with whom we can carry on the lines of Polo. Angel has no common ancestry in 5 generations which is very good in breeding for our narrow European genetic base. 

Best Partner in Life – Intelligent, Loyal, Versatile and Noble