Born to Win White Champion 1

Born to Win White Champion KK1
Gender: Female
Breed: White Swiss Shepherd
Health: HD-A ED-0
Teeth: Full dentition
Pedigree: EST-02624/06
Born: 12.07.2006 EST- Deceased 07.01.09
Size: 60 cm
Show Results: 1*EST CAC, 2*EST J CAC, 2*BOB, 1*BOB J, 1*BOS J
Competition results: 3 place in EVLÜ Cup 2008 obedience competition, 1 place in EBÜ Mini Cup 2007 2 level obedience competition, Dog Sport Union Puppies and Young Dog Obedience Competition 1 level obedience 3rd place, Dog Sport Union Puppies and Young Dog Obedience Competition 2 level obedience 5th place
Working Results: KK1
Dam: EST & LT & LV & BALT CH, EST & LT & LV & BALT & RUS & BLR J CH Nice Of You To Come Bye Almighty KK3 LTE+172 HD-A ED-0
Sir: +Bright Fairview vom Weissen Fang HD-A NW-35 GG3, Agility C Large, U.V.
2 years old on the picture

07.01.09 Champion is no longer with us. She diseased suddenly a month ago and never recovered from it.

Champion is out of a litter that was made to improve working ability. Champions mother is our beloved MULT CH Almighty who came to us from the Netherlands. Almighty is the strongest charactered female in our home and the pack leader in our dog pack. She is our obedience competition dog and has by today achieved the working result KK3. Almighty has also passed the Finnish character test with great result as LTE +172. The father of Champion is Bright who is most certainley the most successful white shepherd Agility male in the Netherlands. Bright is competition dog competing at Agility C level and highest obedience GG3 level. Bright is winner of several competitions and most remarkable results to be mentioned are: 2007 Dutch Agility Championship 13 place (85 dogs which most Border Collies), 1 place in Agility 3 level from White Shepherd Sporting Day, and additionally Bright has attended twice Agility Welt Cup with best result from Germany year 2005 25th place.

Champion is the next generation of our beloved Almighty which we hope to coninue for and to our mind she is a step forward. From exteriors side the first thing to mention is Champions head. Champion has got the most magnificient head I have seen in white shepherds so far. She only does not have a nice strong head, still feminine as suitable for a female, but she also has it absolutely finely shaped and everything in balance. Seems like she has got the most beautiful lines both from her father and from her mother for absolutely gorgeous head. Her mother Almighty has given some very beautiful heads in each of her litters but Champions is really something special to look at. Champion has got also very dark and very beautiful eyes and very good pigmentation. Luckily the ears are from her father very nice strong not so big and straight up. Those ones who know Almighty understand what I am talking about:) From exterior side Champion has got very nice deep chest, nice high withers, good bones in proportion of body and bright white coat.

When looking at the Champions character it seems that we succeeded to improve the working ability of Almightys next generation. Champion has got more energy and will to work then Almighty does. Champion has also higher prey drive than Almighty does and she certainley is much faster dog then Almighty is. Champion lives with her owner Airi and has so far joined with our kennel friendly team. Champion and Airi are doing lots of activities in training field and also once in a while participate at Dog Shows. Champion has already got two Estonian Junior Certificates and now are concentrating of achieving two more certificates needed to close the championship title.

Best Partner in Life – Intelligent, Loyal, Versatile and Noble