Born to Win White Demremira KK1 BH 1

Born to Win White Demremira
Margit and Demremira are participating at obedience classes.
Demremira has achieved:
09.10.10 Successfully passed BH exam
10.06.08 Working result for obedience KK1 with 90 points and grade very good
17.05.08 EVLÜ Club Winner 2008 white swiss shepherds specialty show Females Intermedia Class 1 place, in CAC qualification ring 3 place, Best Female 3, grade excellent
21.10.07 Young Dog Obedience Competition – 2 level obedience 1 place
18.03.07 Young Dog Obedience Competition – 1 level obedience 2 place

Best Partner in Life – Intelligent, Loyal, Versatile and Noble