Born to Win White Excellence
Excellence lives in Spain with her owners Werner & Mathilda Müller-Vegt who have decided to show to others that Excellence is Born to Win and that they are Conquistadores del Azahar:)
Excellence has achieved:
13-14.06.09 from International Dog Show in Spain Best of Breed!
26.12.08 official x-ray results from Spain HD-A ED-0
02.09.08 MDR1 tested with results MDR1 +/+
14-15.06.08 in Germany RWS Bundessiegerschau 2008 in puppy class – VV2!
11.05.08 in Badajoz Spain in Puppy Class -1st MB and Best Of Breed Puppy
10.05.08 in Elvas Portugal in Puppy Class – 1st MB and Best Of Breed Puppy

Best Partner in Life – Intelligent, Loyal, Versatile and Noble


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