Born To Win White Justice 1

Born To Win White Justice KK2 BH
Gender: Female
Breed: White Swiss Shepherd
Health: HD-A ED-0 MDR1+/+
Teeth: Full dentition
Pedigree: EST-03506/08
Born: 25.09.2008 Estonia
Working Results: KK2, KK1, BH
Show Results: EST CH, EST & LV J CH; 2*BOB, 1*BOS, 2*BOB J, 1*BOS J, 1*BOS P, 1*EST CAC, 3*EST J CAC, 1*LV J CAC
Competition Results: 1 place in KK2 from Valga Dog Club Championship 2012, 1 place in 1 level Dog Sport Union Young Dog Obedience Competition, EVLÜ Minicup 2009 I stage 1 level 2 place, EVLÜ Minicup 2009 III stage 1 level 1 place
Dam: Born to Win White Champion KK1 HD-A ED-0
Sir: EVLÜ CW08, EST & LT & LV & BALT CH, EST & LT & LV & BALT J CH Herakles Muo of the Heart of Lothian KK2 BH HD-B ED-0 Eyes Free
7 months old on the picture

Justice is our second generation of our Almighty and our new hope for the future. Justices mother is our bred Born to Win White Champion KK1 whose mother is our KK3 LTE+172 Almighty and whose father is a Dutch Agility competition dog GG3 Bright. Justices father is our KK2, BH Herakles who had already before this mating given us very good offspring. Well, with this litter I think we really succeeded. As I like to say, best things happen when you expect them least. It was again a litter we  did not have plans to keep a puppy however, after an unfortunate death of her mother Justice just took her place and staid in our kennel.  Because of this unfortunate coincident we have got now characterwise an extremely promising puppy in our kennel. Justice has got a character every white shepherd should actually have. She is a real shepherd dog with all the instincts present and good self confident stabil strong character with full of energy and will to perform. And I simply adore this young dog not even mentioning that her owner Airi handles her very well. Maybe should be a little more demanding with this young stubborn lady, but well, no one is perfect and they really make a great team 🙂

Already at her very first competition Justice won out of 13 dogs 1 place in 1 level Young Dog Obedience Competition. Justice has also done well at her very first dog show where she was Best Of Opposite Sex Puppy and it was at White Swiss Shepherds Specialty Show EVLÜ Club Winner 2009. We are very proud of both these girls – Justice and Airi! Lets see what the future brings 🙂

Best Partner in Life – Intelligent, Loyal, Versatile and Noble