DogNews Year 2009 2312.12.09 Born to Win White Hope from Dog Show in Finland Finnish Winner 2009 Young Females Class 1 place! Congrats to Hope and Tuula for such a great result!

09.12.09 Born to Win White Imperator official x-ray results are HD-B and ED-0. Congrats to the Imperator and Katrin for such a great result!

28.11.09 Today achieved our dogs from Estonian dog show following great news:

Our small Junior alias Born to Win White Almighty is a real star achieving from her very first dog show result Best of Breed Baby and Very Promising. Additiionally to that she achieved from the evening Best in Show competition result Best in Show Baby 3 place! The small Junior is already in her daddys General and mommys Arizona shoes (also her mother Arizona won from her very first dog show baby best in show result Best in Show Baby 1 place) :)) Juniors father Born to Win White General was at the same dog show Best of Breed and achieved his last needed EST CAC which made him now Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Baltics Champion additionally to his earlier Junior Champion titles 🙂 And thats not all, additionally to that General got from evenings best in show result Best of Group 3 place. Excellent day was also to our Born to Win White Justice, who achieved from show results Best of Opposite Sex, Best Female 1, Best of Breed Junior, Females Junior Class 1 place and EST J CAC which was her last needed certificate and made her now Estonian and Latvian Junior Champion 🙂

At the same time in Finland Turku got Born to Win White Darwin result Open Class Excellent 1 place and Best Male 2. And Born to Win White Hope Females Youth Class Exellent 2 place 🙂 Our kennel had another excellent weekend :))

Also our offspring of our dogs got excellent results. In the Netherlands in Dutch Winner shows were very successful offspring