DogNews Year 2010 27Born to Win White General and Monika Laneman achieved this year Estonian Kennel Club Best Estonian PJK/FH Sport Dog 2010 6th place! Including that General and Monika managed also this year to achieve the result of Reserv Best Working Dog 2010 of Dog Club Articus! Including that General and Monika managed to achieve this year also EVLÜ Cup Winner 2010 title 🙂

We are very proud of our beloved small great born to win white General boy :))

26.12.10 achieved our kennel dogs from Puppy and Young Dog Obedience Competition in Saaremaa following results:

Born to Win White Keykeeper achieved 2 place in 2 level with 93 points

Brenda Akbo Parchovany achieved 1 place in 1 level with 95 points

Congrats to the dogs and to their owners!

18.12.10 In Russia achieved Born to Win White Arizona title Champion of the Breed 2010 and Best of Opposite Sex result. Congrats Maria and Arizona for such great result!