DogNews Year 2013 15BTWW dogs achieved in this 2013 year total:

Born to Win White MayDay became EVLÜ Cup Winner 2013

Born to Win White Almighty became EVLÜ Cup 2013 II place

Born to Win White General became EVLÜ Cup 2013 III place 

Born to Win White Sparta became EVLÜ MiniCup Winner 2013

Born to Win White Shepherd became EVLÜ MiniCup 2013 II place. Congrats for the dogs and owners for another great year! 

04.12.13 Today arrived our Born to Win White Shepherd official x-ray results which were HD-A and ED-0. Congrats to the dog and owner for such great results!

30.11.13 Today achieved our Born to Win White General in Germany result IPO1. Congrats to General and Monika and Lauri for such a great achievement!


17.11.13 Today achieved Born to Win White Target in Saaremaa Dog Club Aktiiv “Minicup 2013” V stage obedience competition I place in beginners class. Congrats to Target and Kersti for the achievement!

16.11.13 Today achieved Born to Win White Keykeeper in competition series „SAAREMAA SÕNAKUULELIKKUSE KÄPP 2013” in total review II place and with team result achieved „SAAREMAA SÕBRAKÄPP 2013” I place. Congrats to Keykeeper and Kersti for such a great achievement! We are very happy and proud for this great result! 🙂

03.11.13 Today achieved our Born to Win White Samurai from Estonian Dog Show results Best of Breed and Best Male 1 which made him now also Estonian & Baltics Champion 🙂 Congrats to the Samurai and his owner for such great result!