Herakles Muo Of The Heart Of Lothian 1

Herakles Muo Of The Heart Of Lothian KK2, BH
Gender: Male
Breed: White Swiss Shepherd
Health: HD-B ED-0
Teeth: Full dentition
Eyes: Free
Born: 31.10.2006 NL
Size: 64 cm
Show Results: EVLÜ CW08, EST & LV & LT & BALT CH, EST & LT & LV & BALT J CH, 2*BOB, 4*BOS, 3*BOB J, 2*BOS J, 1*CACIB, 1*EST CAC, 1*LV CAC, 1*LT CAC, 3*EST J CAC, 1*LT J CAC, 1*LV J CAC
Competition Results: EVLÜ Cup 2008 obedience competition 2 place
Working Results: KK1, KK2, BH
Dam: Lotte Isja Of The Heart Of Lothian NHSB B-0-2455106 HD-A
Sir: Longfield Mundo De Lothia NHSB B-0-2549054 IMP(Braz)MGK04/1670 HD-A ED-Free BEAR Free MDR1-+/+
18 months old on the picture

26.04.09 Herakles achieved BH result!

12.02.09 Herakles achieved working result KK2!

09.08.08 Herakles achieved working result KK1!

Herakles won in Estonian white swiss shepherd specialty show EVLÜ Club Winner 2008 achieving following great results Best Male 1, Certification ring 1 and Best Of Opposite Sex, loosing only to our own Achiever. 🙂

24.07.07 Some remarks of Herakles. During some weeks I have been following Herakles to see what he is and found out that he is extremely interesting dog. Correction, he is a Wulf not Dog!:) Herakles acts like a little Wulf puppy which is very interesting to look at. I have not seen any shepherd dog act like he behaves. He is very young but already now very self confident. Not agressive, but no one could say he is not strong charactered. He just has different interests. He “wants to be rich” and owns lots of posessions and he is very stubborn on his way to collect it:)) He does not just run with other dogs, no way, he is too proud for that because he is the rich guy. When he does, then only for taking over other dogs possessions, like sticks or toys, to own them:) Usually Herakles just goes around looking for a toy or stick to bring it into his spot. There he has lots of things which he quards and which all others are trying to steal all the time. Every time when someone steals something, and they do that all the time, he has to win it back and bring it to his spot and guard it. So Herakles keeps busy:)) He is a little jealous boy:) When Angel wants to play with Achiever Herakles goes and pushes himself through and starts playing by himself, because Achiever is his! Usually he does not just play with other dogs. The jealousness goes even so far that when Herakles goes to swim then he does not like other dogs to enter to the water because he owns the water and tries to guard that! You can imagine how funny it looks:)) Herakles is just young so he might still a bit change by character but he will certainley be self confident and strong charactered dog with good drives. Which I like most in him is very powerful full mouth grip which can also be seen on a picture below. Almighty is still the pack leader but she really cant fight against Herakles powerful grip and she constantly looses her toys and sticks to him. At some point she realized that Herakles might grow up much stronger then she is and took over the “mothers” position and now teaches Herakles how to fight and how to survive. We were laughing that she wants to have warm place in pack when Herakles takes over the leading position and now she keeps busy working on that:)

05.07.07 Arrived our “New Boy In Town” Herakles! Even though we were thinking to find another family for him it turned out that we will keep Herakles with us and he will stay to live in our family. Actually Lauri made that decision:). The history behind Herakles is that he had a bad start in a family in Holland. Herakles was sent back to the breeder when he was 5 months old, because he had too strong character for his boss and he was really spoiled to the bone. The man in the family could manage with him, but not the woman. Herakles “walked over the woman” who was at home with him all day. When we were over at Almas place in mating trip we saw Herakles first time and Lauri immediately started to like him and wanted to take with us. I told it is not a wise idea to take another dog in our family. So that was it and we came back to the Estonia without him. Alma itself was away at holiday at this time. Two months later Alma contaced us and told she is looking a home for a good breeding potential male with bad start. When it turned out it was the same goodlooking puppy we saw at her place who additionally has got extremely good pedigree it took only two minutes to decide we will bring this dog over to Estonia.

Anyway, that was the start. We put the ads that we were looking for a family where Herakles could live and got quite a lot of response. But we forgot one thing – The human heart. When Herakles arrived, instantly, Lauri fall in love with hime once again. And since the dog was extremely beautiful, with very good pedigree and interesting bloodlines and seemed to have also a very good character we started seriously to think whether not really keep Herakles in our family. There was only one question left whether his hips and elbows are okay. So we made a reservation at vets place for x-ray. On 7th of July we made preliminary x-ray and the result was that Herakles is HD-clean and ED-clean. And then it was decided Herakles will stay to live with us.

Herakles has got extremely interesting bloodlines. Herakles is at the mothers side from the same lines as our Achiever. Herakleses mother Lotte Isja Of The Heart Of Lothian HD-A is sister of the Achiever Of The Heart Of Lothian HD-A ED-0 who is European Junior Winner 2006, EVLÜ Club Winner 2007, Baltics Junior Winner 2006, Finnish Junior Winner 2005 and Baltics Champion. Herakleses mothers other sister Bellis Isja Of The Heart Of Lothian is European Junior Winner 2004. Herakleses mothers brother Lord Gryphon of the Heart of Lothian HD-A ED-0 has been winning several times the Dutch Specialty Shows with result Best of Breed in competition even more then 140 dogs! Herakleses grandmother from mothers side is the World Winner 2002, Junior World Winner 2002, Dutch Winner 2002 and Dutch Junior Winner 2002 Tinkas Frenja. Herakleses father is Longfield Mundo de Lothia HD-A that is imported from Brazil and has got very special bloodlines to Europe. Herakles itself is with excellent anatomy and good character young male that is as above mentioned preliminary HD and ED tested with the result clean. The official results will come when he will be pictured after 12 months of age. He has been with us only for a few days and is only 8 months old but already now he is trying to take over the leading position in our dog pride and it seems so far as much as we have tested in several situations that also his character is very good. He is also very quick learner and is very trainable. We hope that Herakles will follow his name and will grow up to be a a real Herakles:) I have noticed that animals “pay you back” all the good you do for them and it is best seen in animals with bad start. Right now he really wants to please us and do everything we would be happy. So we can now follow if it’s also the case and how it continues.

Best Partner in Life – Intelligent, Loyal, Versatile and Noble