Why to buy puppy from another country

Author: Monika Laneman
Published: https://petworldglobal.com

I have bought many dogs from different countries. Also many of my puppies have gone to live in different countries. Usually, the reason why we buy a puppy from abroad is that we want to have something very special. Either a very good prospect for dog shows or very good potential for trainings and competitions. Breeders sometimes want to bring new bloodlines into breeding. Or some people are just looking for a very special family pet which is not available in their country. Reasons can be different.


How to be careful and buy only from trustful places/people

However, when you consider buying a pure bred puppy you must be certain it is a reputable breeder you are buying from and the puppy gets all the needed documentation to travel and to be registered in respective Kennel Club. The more internet evolves the more scam and cheating you can find there. Do your homework.


What you need to ask

Always check if the puppy has official pedigree which is registered in the local Kennel Club.

Always check if the puppy will have all the needed documentation for travelling.

Always check if the puppy will have all the needed vaccinations and treatments needed for travelling.


What do you need for importing the puppy

Pure bred puppy needs to get an Export pedigree in order to be registered in your local Kennel Club

In Europe the puppy needs EURO Passport in order to travel into another country

Different countries have different regulations but most of them demand some sort of identification. In European Union a dog must be microchipped. It is a mandatory regulation.

In European Union over 3 months old puppies and dogs must be rabies vaccinated, it is a mandatory regulation.How to buy a puppy from abroad? 11

Different countries have different pet import regulations

To travel with your puppy or dog, or in case the pup or dog is being shipped, it is very important to check first the import regulations. It’s wise to check not only your country regulations but also transfer country regulations which might apply when the dog is travelling. Every country is trying to protect it’