Famous Estonian Musician Leslie Laasner, artist name Leslie Da Bass, have got our  Z-litter White Shepherd puppy Born to Win White Zlatan. And what happens when the puppies go to celebrities hands? They get into Entertainment News 😀

It’s all in Estonian but translate here some funny stuff:

Fantastic creature! Exactly like the breed is described and even more. I am surprised how easily he learns. I will teach him to change my bike oil – totally master!

Character is super friendly. Want’s to chew something all the time and hangs on the cloths, but we all are used with that already. When he gets too excited we send him out to cool off. He learned very quickly all the basic commands: “Sit”, “Down”, “Heel”, “Bring Beer” etc.

Everything he makes, makes you happy. Starting from this that he takes garden tools as enemies whom he wants to protect you from. When you sit on a couch and take your self phone, dude just comes and hits your phone off from you hand with his paw because eyes must be only on him. Smartass