DogNews from period 2004 - 2006 109.12.06 Finnish Winner 2006 and Best of Breed is father of our D litter puppies Snamerto Staomner. Additionally to that Snamerto is now also Finnish Champion. Congatulations to Pirjo the owner of Snamerto for such a great result!!!

08.12.06 Today we got results of Angelas x-ray which are following:

Born to Win White Angela HD-A and ED-0

05.12.06 Results of the weekend are following:

Achiever in Lithuania LT CAC, N and BOB

Achiever in Latvia LV CAC, QC and BOB

Crusader in Lithuania BOB Puppy

Caldwell in Estonia in Christmas Show 6-9 puppy class 1 place

Braveheart in Estonia in Christmas Show 6-9 puppy class 2 place

Chad in Estonia in Christmas Show 4-6 puppy class 1 place

Creator in Estonia in Christmas Show 4-6 puppy class 2 place

Champion in Estonia in Christmas Show 4-6 puppy class 3 place

DogNews from period 2004 - 2006 214.11.06 Achiever got 4th place in Intermedia Class at World Winner 2006 Dog Show held 09-12.11.06 in Poland in Poznan!!!! Since it was our first such level dog show we have attended we are extremely pleased with our result!!! For the World Winner 2006 Dog Show were registered 93 white shepherds and the dog handers were best of the best so the competition level was very high:)) So we see each other again at the next Word Winner Dog Show held in Europe in Sweden year 2008.

05.11.06 Achiever surprised us again:))) Achiever won today a small agility contest organised by Estonian White Shepherd Assotiation!

04.11.06 Next week we will leave Estonia to participate in the World Winner 2006 dog show. Which will be held in Poland 09-12.11.06. The judge will be Hans Müller from Switzerland. From our kennel dogs will participate Angel, Arizona and Achiever. 93 white shepherds will be in the ring and thats scary:))) According to my experience from past with these dogs then Angel should start limping before the ring, Achiever might be jumping all the way in the show ring and not running at all and Arizona might simply not run deciding she is fed up already….. Anyway, we will try to do the best and you never know we might get lucky maybe with one of our dogs:))) and if not then even a good description from this event has great value.

24.09.06 Born to Win White Baldwin Best Of Breed Puppy and Best Of Group 3 place from puppy show in Finland! Congratiolations to his owner Annamaria and to the Baldwin itself too:))) And we are extremely proud of their achievement!

02.09.06 Arizona got from Estonian dog show result Best Of Breed and Best Of Group 2 place!

DogNews from period 2004 - 2006 320.08.06 ESTONIAN WINNER 2006 is ARIZONA!!!!! Our kennel was so lucky at our most important dog show of a year Estonian Winner 2006. And we can’t be less then extremely happy:))) Todays Star was Arizona that got result Open Class 1 place, Best Of Breed Female 1 place, EST CAC, CACIB, Best Of Opposite Sex and Estonian Winner 2006 title! Additionally is Arizona now with achieving EST CAC also Estonian and Lithuanian Champion! Born to Win White Aphrodite, puppy from our first litter achieved 1 place in Junior Class, EST J CAC, EST JW’06 title and BOB Junior result. Her brother Born to Win White Angel got EST JW06 title, BOS and his last EST J CAC which makes him EST J CH:))) Achiever got grade 1 and pink ribbon but since being with Arizona at the same ring instead of running was jumping so we ended up everywhere in the other side of the line:)))

20.08.06 Estonian Winner 2006 we will be presented with Achiever, Arizona, Aphrodite and Angel. Maybe we get lucky:)) But as usually our dogs are not in good condition during Winner Dog shows:))) Achiever is changing her coat and is skinny, Arizona is still not completely in good condition after the litter and Angel is wearing a new haircut which was cut by his 3 year old friend:))

05.08.06 Dog Show in Väimela Angel got result Best Of Breed Junior and EST J CAC which is his second. Well done Angel and Tiiu!

DogNews from period 2004 - 2006 402.08.06 Young Dog Obedience Competition results were as following. The Star of the day with the best result was Aphrodite with 2 place in first level obedience competition. Aphrodite is from our A litter with full name Born to Win White Aphrodite. Well done Aphrodite and Raivo! Arizona got 3 place in second level obedience competition and our Achiever thought she wants to be just beautiful and ended up at 10th place out of 12 participants:))

27.07.06 We finally decided to try our dogs in competitions and registered our Achiever and Arizona in puppies and young dog obedience competition held 02.08.06 in Tartu. We hope all the best but you never know:))) Let’s try:)) We have been too much dog shows oriented so we are now trying to change the direction and concentrate more in working.

20.07.06  Our dogs results from Estonian White Shepherd Assotiation first specialty show are following:

Aphrodite the star of the day first time at a show and 1 place at Junior class!

Angel junior class 2 place in despite of his decision not to show himself:)

Angela junior class 3 place

Achiever champion class 1 place

Arizona champion class 2 place

Elvira champion class 3 place

DogNews from period 2004 - 2006 511.06.06 Our Achiever showed again what she is worth of and is now European Junior Winner 2006!!! Our teaser Angel decided to start limping before the showring and did not enter at all in show ring but in the evening he run around as nothing had happened. Elvira got 2nd place in the open class and grade excellent. We did just great at European Winner 2006 dog show in Finland and we are sooooo satisfied!

04.06.06 Results from Baltic Winner 2006 show held 03-04.06.06 in Tallinn, Estonia. Our Achiever got 1 place in Junior Class, which gave her also the title Baltic Junior Winner 2006. Additionally she managed to beat an American bred very good male and got result Best Of Breed Junior and finally the result was BOB Female 3. Achiever could not accept the EST J CAC since she is already Estonian Junior Champion. Elvira got result Open Class 1 place and BOB Female 2 and RCACIB. Angel got result Best Of Breed Puppy. And we are again very happy:))) Next show for us will be the European Winner 2006 where from our dogs will be Achiever, Angel and Elvira and also our Lithuanian friends (also named Monika) dog “Viva”. Maybe we get lucky……

29.05.06 – Since we have not added news already long time there’s a lot to tell:))

Almighty is mated and the information. Now we just have to hope that everything will work out and there will be also puppies born.

Beauty left to her new owner in Checz and lives now with Arizonas mother and her breeder Monika in kennel Bohemia Mandiga which can be found under this link.

Two puppies California and Caldwell arived from Checz into Estonia.

Our little puppy Bright is going to be a blind helper dog.

10.05.06 – Almighty started her season and now we are going to drive to visit her boyfriend in Europe:) We cross our fingers that everyhing would work out an we will be lucky enough so the mating would be successful:))

01.04.06 – Results from Dog Show in Rakvere. Our dogs did excellent also at this show and we are extremely happy. The Star of the day was Achiever that got Best Of Breed (BOB) and Best Of Breed Junior (BOB J)!!! Angel from our first litter became Best Of Breed Puppy and Angela became Best Of Opposite Sex Puppy. Elvira got 1 place in Open Class, Best Female 2 and Estonian CAC (EST CAC) and is now Estonian Champion.


26.03.06 – Our puppies from first litter were today first time at show. Result of the show was best of breed puppy Angel and best of breed opposite sex puppy Angela.

16.03.06 – Achiever is now also EST J CH – Achiever has finally recieved her Estonian Junior Champion certificate.

07.03.06 – After final announcing of service dog test score result it turned out that Almighty was the best of all with highest score of all dogs.

01.03.06 – Arizona is expecting puppies from the mating with Polo. Our little Arizona has been growing so much that today we are absolutely sure that she is expecting puppies. The puppies will be born around 21-23 March.

04.02.2006 – Almighty passed successfully service dog test and searching owner in dark room was Almighty the fastest without any doubt.

03.02.06 – Attila died in car accident

20.01.2006 – Arizona has been mated with Polo. Now we hope that we will get puppies out of this mating. We will certainley know if the puppies will be born only after a month not earlier.

12.01.2006 – Achiever has now been dysplasy tested and the x-ray results are HD-A and ED-0 which means excellent and free of everything!!! Thats just great and we are so happy:))


Pics from the show- FINNISH WINNER 2005

We did FANTASTICALLY!!!!!!! And we are extremely happy!!!!! All our dogs did extremely well in their class and results are Achiever 1 place in Junior Class, Arizona 1 place in youth class and Almighty 1 place in Champion Class!!!! Additionally got Achiever the title Finnish Junior Winner 2005!!!! At Best Female choosing we were in a problem because we had only two handlers but threee dogs entering the class. We could never imagine that we get so far with all our dogs:)))) So we asked our Finnish friend to show Almighty at the ring and run to show our dogs in the ring:)))) And the best female ring results are Achiever Best Female 2 and Almighty Best Female 4 !!!! Thats absolutely fantastic!!!:))) Go to Finland with three dogs and get first place in each class and additionally a winner title:))))) we are just in heaven:)))))

Additionally to all of this also our Estonian German Shepherds did extremely well and Best Of Breed and the Finnish Winner 2005 title and BOG 4 brought home our Estonian Fest Kiefer Hasper!!!! Congratiolations!!!!! Well done!!!

This years Finnish Winner 2005 was the largest international one-day dog show in the World in terms of the number of dogs. A total of 7767 dogs were participating!!!

Next day was not so successful and it was clearly seen that the dogs were tired after yesterdays long show day. But looking the day before held Finnish Winner results I can’t complain:))) At show on Sunday all the dogs got grade excellent, Achiever got second place in Junior class, Arizona got forth place in Intermedia class and Almighty got third place in Champion Class. In this competition (43 dogs) the results are still very good and the results from Finnish Winner 2005 show are just excellent!!!!

10.12.05 from Latvian CAC show in Liepaja got Achiever following results Best Of Group 5, Best Of Breed and Latvian Junior Certificate (BOG 5, BOB, LV J CAC). Now we are waiting for the shows in Finland….. High competition and very beautiful dogs….. Maybe we get lucky at least with one of the dogs….. Anyway, just hoping for the best….

DogNews from period 2004 - 2006 6Vilnius Winter 2005 on 3rd and 4th December attended we successfully in three different shows. Achiever was the star of this weekend and overperformed herself:))) Her best result from this weekend was Best Of Breed (BOB) from I Group Specialy Show which made us perform a Victory dance:))))) Since we had lost the BOB in last two shows to a White Shepherd living in Lithuania origin from Germany and owned by our friends we were extremely happy of this victory. The judge was Miroslaw Redlicki from Poland. Additionally to that Achiever also got three times Best Of Breed Junior (BOB J) and has got now three Lithuanian JN (equal to Junior Sertificate). Arizona got R CACIB and Lithuanian Certificate.

26.11.05 from Sillamäe got Achiever her very first Victory in Junior Class. She got Best Of Breed Junior, Estonian Junior Certificate and Best Of Opposite Sex (BOB J, EST J CAC and BOS). We are extremely happy for these results:))))

We are going to attend on several shows during following weeks and hoping to achieve something:))) Maybe we get lucky:)))

Vilnius Winter 2005 on 3rd and 4th December in Lithuania.

Latvian Show on 10th December.

Nordic Winner 2005 and Finnish Winner 2005 on 17th and 18th December in Finland.

We keep you posted just check occasionally our homepage:)))

Our dogs results from 06-07.08.05 Baltic Winner 2005 dog show in Lithuania:

Arizona got BOB and Baltic Junior Winner 2005 and Achiever got BOB Puppy. Since we went to the show being not very hopeful (dogs are changing the coat and are not the most beautiful ones at the moment:)) the victory in the competition was even more meaningful and greater for us:) For achieving the BALT JW05 title Arizona beated dogs from Germany, Lithuania, Latvia and CZ. For achieving BOB she even beated several years old champion class female Arizona herself being only 13 months old. The handler was as usually our little Heli:)

Additionally to all before mentioned we have achieved meanwhile two weeks earlier from a show in Haapsalu with Arizona BOB and BOB J and with Achiever BOB Puppy.

Our dogs results from 09.07.05 dog show in Luige:

Almighty got from the show Best Of Breed and EST CAC beating this time our usual ring winner Arizona:) This was the last EST CAC Almighty needed and she has now added top of her large number of junior champion titles also following titles EST & LV & LT & BALT CH (Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Baltics Champion). Arizona got from the show Best Of Breed Junior and Achiever got Best Of Breed Puppy and Promotion Prize. All our dogs will attend also in evenings best in show and we are hoping maybe we get lucky to get at least with one dog something from BIS:))))))) But we are already now very happy with all the achievements:))))

And final news are that Almighty is the Group Winner:))) And the official result is BOG 1.  

Arizonas official X-ray results are HD-A and ED-0 which means free and clean of dysplasy:)))

29.06.05 – Almighty passed successfully the exam and got result KK1 with grade very good. The judge was impressed of Almighty and mentioned that the dog is perspective but still „raw” and needs more training. This makes Almighty the first White Shepherd in Estonia to achieve the working result KK1. We are ofcourse extremely happy:) KK (Kuulekuskoolitus) is Estonian obedience test worked out by Estonian German Shepherd Assotiation and is similar to IPO obedience part which includes also jump, retrieve and gun shots test and dog that is not able to take the gun shots can not pass the test.

Additionally, one of Admiras puppies Braveheart got from puppies and young dog obedience competition held 21.06.05 in beginners class the 1 place being himself the youngest one:))) Braveheart was 6 months old and the others were from 10 months up to 3 years old. Admiras puppies already show what they are capable of:))

28.06.05 – the news are that tomorrow 29.06.05 will Almighty take her first obedience exam KK1 which we hope she succeeds:)) But since the preparation time has been so tiny we are not sure if it will be successful:)) Anyway we are hoping and if it will not be successful then we just try another time but we keep our fingers crossed and hoping the best:))) 30.06.05 Arizona will take her HD and ED test and we shall see what the results are and also hoping the best. But if it will be bad it does not matter she will be our beloved friend anyway:)))

Our little Achiever got today 15.06.05 4th place in a puppy obedience competition. The result was 96 points out of 100 and result very good:). General appearance was 10 points and with comment beautiful cooperation and contact. At the same competition was also presented one of our Admiras puppies Brigitta with her owner Monika who had to share the 2nd and 3rd place with the result 97 points out of 100. Well done Monika and Brigitta! (By the way, Brigittas owner name is also Monika:)) At the competition was alltogether seven dogs and the youngest was our Achiever.

11.06.05 Heli and Arizona got Best of Breed Junior and Best of Breed from Kohtla Järve.DogNews from period 2004 - 2006 7

Today, 22.05.05 from Latvian CACIB show Arizona got BOB Junior which makes her Latvian Junior Champion:) Which also makes her together with her previous titles Baltic Junior Champion:))) Well done our little Heli and Arizona!:))) Best in Show is in the evening so we are waiting following news maybe we get lucky again:)))))

Arizona and Heli received in best in show BOG 2 place:)) We are so happy and waiting home our little winners:)

Let’s meet our new Champ:). Arizona got 14.05.05 from Estonian Winner 2005 show: J CAC, BOB J, BOB, EST JW05, EST W05 (Best Of Breed Junior, Best Of Breed, Estonian Junior Winner 2005, Estonian Winner 2005)!!!! Since she got her last needed EST J CAC she is also EST, LT and RUS J CH (Estonian, Lithuanian and Russian Junior Champion). Arizona had to beat dogs from Estonia, Finland and Latvia to achieve that:) Our Elvira got CACIB and EST CAC and Almighty got RCACIB from the same show. The Judge was James Frederiksen USA.

24.04.05 Lithuanian Show – Arizona got BOB + BOB Junior + Lithuanian CAC J:) On the way two Best in Show competitions in the evening so we still keep our fingers crossed until the end of the show day today:)))))) Maybe we get lucky:))))

Finally we got the results:) Arizona got from the Lithuanian show in huge competition in junior best result BIS J 2!!!!!!!!!!! We are soooo happy:))

16-17.04.05 International Dog Show FCI-CACIB Grand-Prix “Spring Petersburg” in Russia Arizona, who was handled by her young handler Heli, got BOB Junior and J CAC.

26.03.05 Estonian dog show in Rakvere:

Arizona got BOB Junior, BOB and BOG 2.

11.03.05 arrived our new White Shepherd family member Achiever:)

13.02.05 Estonian International dog show in Tallinn:

Arizona got BOB Puppy and BIS Puppy 4. And Elvira got BOB Junior and also her third EST J CAC which means that she will be after EKL official acknowledgement Estonian Junior Champion. And we are very proud that Arizona was handled to the Victory by my youngest daughter Heli whose dog Arizona actually is.


There is a link about the Baltic Winner 2004 show which took place 13-14 November in Latvia. There was something that the camera man liked in us so he decided to film us:) There you can see for a few seconds us with Almighty standing next to the judging table while the description was written:) If you do not want to look at all the video I’ll give you a hint that you can see us at 10:04 (10 minutes 4 seconds):) the language of the film is Russian:)

The first link in Russian is for those people that have internet connection through modem, the second link in Russian is for those that have a DSL or cable internet  connection. YOU CAN FIND THE VIDEO KLICKING HERE!

Almighty got her first CACIB and also her first Lithuanian CAC from International show Vilnius Winter 2004 held 4.12.04 in Lithuania. From a Lithuanian national show next day on 5.12.04 got Almighty an additional Lithuanian CAC. So she is now proud owner of 2 Lithuanian CAC-s and a CACIB.


Arizona got today, 30.10.04 from the Estonian show in Sillamäe BOB Baby and BIS Baby 1! She had to compete with two excellent almost 6 months old White Shepherds herself being barely 4 months old:). Thanks to our good team work between me and Arizona we successfully won the BOB Baby:) She was also showing herself very well in the BIS show round and got the first place of all the beauties. Today was a very long day for her and she is sleeping under my desk at the moment:) Sleep well our little baby:)     

Almighty got today, 16.10.04 from an Estonian show in Rakvere BOB, EST CAC and BOG 4! The judge was Hermann Bürk from Germany who also gave her excellent description. We are so proud:)

Almighty is now also Belorussian Junior Champion!

Almighty is now also Baltic Junior Champion! So all together Almighty is Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian and Baltics Junior Champion!