DogNews Year 2008 2529.12.08 Today were born in Lithuania in kennel Kontrastas 8 puppies out of Crusader and Excalibur. Which 3 of them girls and 5 boys. More information under this link.

28.12.08 Caldwell W. Bohemia Mandiga achieved today KK3 working result. Which makes him the second dog in our kennel that has achieved KK3 result 🙂 Our Angels Puppy Lucia achieved KK1 result. 🙂 

27.12.08 The good news just keep coming! Our offspring Born to Win White Excellence got official x-ray results from Spain HD-A ED-0! Congrats to Mathilda and Excellence for such a great result!!! We are very happy for you!!!

26.12.08 Born to Win White EGO got from dog show in Lithuania Christmas Cup 2008 her last needed junior certificate which closed all at the same time four champion titles. EGO got at the dog show grade excellent, Junior Class 1 place, LT JN (LT J CAC) Best Of Breed Junior and Best Female 2 place. Which made our EGO now also Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Baltics Junior Champion including her previous Baltic Junior Winner 2008 title. And we simply can not be more prouder 🙂 Born to Win White Excalibur got from Lithuanian dog show Christmas Cup 2008 grade excellent, Junior Class 1 place, Best Of Opposite Sex Junior and got also LT J CAC.

25.12.08 Born to Win White Angela got her first puppies! Congrats to Angela and Rutt for such great news.

20.12.08 Herakles puppy Basil the King From Kontrastas was in Lithuanian dog show Vilnius Winer 2008 Best Of Opposite Sex, Best Of Breed Junior, Males Junior Class 1 and grade excellent. Congrats to Basil, to Basils owner and to Basils breeder for such a great victory from their first dog show in Junior Class!