White Swiss Shepherd Dog Born to Win White Almighty 1 place from Competition

BTWW Almighty 1 place from Competition

Vision of an ideal White Shepherd Dog

For us the ideal White Shepherd is healthy strong vital animal, middle sized, middle boned, well muscled, with good instincts and will to work, calm at home but active and fast when working, that can be pushed and that takes stress and is capable to work long hours, that is not afraid of gun shots, and whose exterior is excellent according to the breed standard and has got black pigmentation and white coat.

In our breeding program we firstly concentrate on health then on character and working ability and only then on exterior. And the reason is that we feel winners blood in sick dogs pedigree will not make the dog owner happy. So we try to do everything we can to make the risk minimum which can be done only when prioritizing the health most. After all, even the winners are first and foremost our friends and family members and only then show or competition dogs.

White Shepherd Dog Health

1) health – with this we firstly mean a dog that is overall healthy with no allergies, no sicknesses and not any disfunction which also includes that dog is capable to move freely, is able to run long distances and is physically healthy. And secondly ofcourse with hips and elbows clean of dysplasy result. The reason why we prioritize the dogs overall health most is that this matters even more then just dysplasy health test result. Allergic or heart disfunction dog is not suitable for breeding and it does not matter that the dog has got clean hips.

 White Shepherd Dog Character

2) character and working ability – there we concentrate first and foremost on dogs working ability and then dogs character. This priority is set since the breed is loosing it’s working ability in Europe and there are too many soft charactered dogs that are not only able to work but even unable to live normal life. The most important is that a dog has got good working ability and good instincts and only then comes the other details of the character. Concentrating on just some detailes in character is too dangerous since every breeder has it’s own vision about a good charactered dog. Dog that has got extremely weak instincts or is unbelievably soft or nervous has not got good character. The character we value is medium strong stability with long hours working ability, ability to take stress and without active aggressiveness or shyness.

White Shepherd Dog Exterior

3) exterior – that’s the most tricky since in Europe are several different types of white shepherds and we have got several different exterior type of dogs. With exterior we firstly concentrate on anatomy, then on pigmentation and finally on coat. White shepherd should be overall balanced medium, medium and medium in everything in their anatomy. It does not matter that we like big strong boned dogs a white shepherd should not be too big or too strong boned and not overcornered or undercornered. A strong boned dog is nice but a too strong boned dog carries problems and is not able to run long distances or work long hours. The same problem is with over cornered or under cornered dogs.

White Shepherd Dog Breeding

That is what we are up to when choosing males to our females. There are dogs that are extremely close to the ideal but we have never seen a dog without a fault, which happens if you know too much about the breed, and we also never expect to breed ideal dogs. Of course, we have a vision of an ideal white shepherd when breeding which we will be looking probably for the rest of our lives. But we are absolutely sure that no one can breed ideal dogs and if someone says they have got an ideal dog… Well, we would say they do know nothing about breeding dogs then and most probably have got kennel blindness. But we certainly dedicate to breed as close to the ideal as we can and we really do breed good dogs.
Our vision of a white shepherd type and character is already represented in some of our offspring but we have still long way to go. But all above mentioned is what we are dedicating in our breeding and the way we are moving to.
Owners matter a lot to dogs health. Correctly feed and exercised dog will grow up to be a healthy animal. Wrongly feed and not exercised dog can grow up to be a sick animal. Every dog carries health problems in their genes. When using healthy animals in breeding we can minimize the risks of health problems but owners are the ones that can make them to stay healthy during their lifetime.
Our dogs are first and foremost friends and family members and only then breeding dogs or competition dogs. An ideal owner for our puppy is a person that needs a friend and companion for different activities through the dogs lifetime.

With the hope that man may learn love through the eyes of his dog…

Monika Laneman

White Swiss Shepherd Dog

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